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Interlibrary Loan

Book Requests

Interlibrary loan requests are limited to ten requests per patron per week, including requests taken over the telephone. There is no charge for this service unless the lending library charges a fee. Usually the patron can be informed of any such fee prior to the book being shipped.

Photocopy Requests

To request a periodical article via interlibrary loan, a patron must submit, in addition to the title of the periodical, a volume number and/or date. It is also necessary to have either the appropriate page numbers or an accurate title for the article in question. Photocopies will be provided to the patron at the cost of TWENTY CENTS per page. Any charges by the lending library are assumed by the patron. You will be notified beforehand. If a periodical is owned by a library within walking distance of the Osterhout Free Library (e.g., King's College or Wilkes University), the patron is encouraged to go to that library and photocopy the article.

Patron Notification

Patrons will be notified by phone (or by mail if requested) when the requested material has arrived. The patron must have a current Luzerne County Library System card in good standing in order to request and receive material through interlibrary loan. If the item requested cannot be borrowed from another library, for whatever reason, the patron will be notified by mail or phone.

Returning Interlibrary Loan Books

Borrowed materials must be returned to the Osterhout Free Library on or before the due date. This is very important because the Osterhout Free Library has an obligation to return the material on time to the library from which it was borrowed. The patron will be charged fifty cents per day for each day any title is late. Requests to renew an interlibrary item must be made at least 7 days before the due date. The approval or denial of a renewal request is solely the decision of the lending library and not the Osterhout Free Library.

Late or Lost Interlibrary Loan Books

If a patron loses or otherwise does not return a book, he will be billed for the replacement of the book plus any processing fees charged by the lending library. Failure to return a book will result in suspension of interlibrary loan borrowing privileges until the book is paid for or returned. If the patron does not return a book and does not pay replacement and processing charges, interlibrary loan privileges will be suspended.

Even though a patron may lose a book and pay the resulting fees, if this occurs three times, interlibrary loan privileges will be suspended for one year. If a patron repeatedly (three times) returns books two or more weeks late, interlibrary loan privileges will be suspended for three months. In addition, the patron is liable for payments of any overdue charges before interlibrary loan privileges are reinstated.

Interlibrary Loan Requests Canceled

A patron is requested to notify the Interlibrary Loan Department if a title requested is no longer needed. If a patron repeatedly (three times) does not pick up material requested on interlibrary loan, interlibrary loan privileges will be suspended for three months.